Site relaunch


So this is the relaunch of one of my personal sites. This one hasn’t been used since roughly 2003-2004 iirc. My other site,, had to be taken down due to legal issues that I had with a leaky cunt. Since those issues have since been resolved I may put that site up. However with the bitch knowing that website it won’t be what it once was. Anyway I don’t know how often I’ll update this. Not sure if I’ll just use it as a testing ground for new stuff or what, but stick around and find out. What might you find here? Random stuff, shit related to internet marketing, music, what’s going on and whatever. Also as you will notice, there is an ad on the right side. Why? Because I can that’s why. Ok, so this theme was the one that I liked, I didn’t feel like coding a theme myself for something I may or may not use a lot, and I didn’t feel like going through this anymore than I have. So instead of putting up some useless widgets I decided to put up an adsense ad. Don’t like it? Tough shit. Ok seriously, use adblock edge/adblock plus and don’t see it. Pretty simple.


If you encounter anything that doesn’t seem right, sucks, or think should change/be added/removed let me know. Also with this I get to test if it will auto post to facebook.

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