Fire Stick 2 Calibration Fix

fire-stick-2So the Amazon Fire Stick 2 shipped out last month and for some reason Amazon decided to remove the ability to re-calibrate the size of the screen. Well for those of you who use kodi there is some good news. There is a work-around. It’s actually a lot easier than you might think too. All it takes is about 2 minutes of your time to do, and here is how it’s done.

How to calibrate the fire stick 2 with kodi

  • Once you load up kodi on your fire stick head over to system > video output > video calibrate.
  • Next you bring the arrow down from the top left of the screen. (Use down/right on the remote). Push the center button.
  • Then you will have the bottom right arrow to calibrate and push the center button again.
  • After that is subtitle area.
  • After that it should be centered.

  • That’s it. Your screen should now be centered, at least on Kodi.

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