Fire Stick 2 Calibration Fix

fire-stick-2So the Amazon Fire Stick 2 shipped out last month and for some reason Amazon decided to remove the ability to re-calibrate the size of the screen. Well for those of you who use kodi there is some good news. There is a work-around. It’s actually a lot easier than you might think too. All it takes is about 2 minutes of your time to do, and here is how it’s done.

How to calibrate the fire stick 2 with kodi

  • Once you load up kodi on your fire stick head over to system > video output > video calibrate.
  • Next you bring the arrow down from the top left of the screen. (Use down/right on the remote). Push the center button.
  • Then you will have the bottom right arrow to calibrate and push the center button again.
  • After that is subtitle area.
  • After that it should be centered.

  • That’s it. Your screen should now be centered, at least on Kodi.

    Changes coming

    I’ve decided to put this site to actual use instead of using it just to test things and rant about stupid bs that is pointless. Instead I’m going to turn my site around to focusing on what I enjoy, and that is marketing. I may have a few random posts here and there, but mostly focusing on SEO, PPC, Email marketing, and maybe even adding some useful content and downloads.

    Why I avoid all Fox comic movies


    I’ve been complaining a lot about certain movies and their problems with continuity. Most of these movies are thrown out from 20th Century Fox. Their latest project, Deadpool, I have very little to no hope for. They’ve completely destroyed and bastardized the X-Men & Fantastic Four franchise, so I guess they need to move on to something else to ruin. Why do I say that they have destroyed those franchises? Well there are many reasons. I’ll start with X-men.

    If you haven’t seen any of these movies, there are spoilers ahead. However, I suggest you save yourself the time and never watch these awful movies.
    X-men: Days of Future Past: It’s pretty clear that this movie was set after the original X-Men trilogy. In X3 Professor X is killed by a horrible, horrible, horrible, version of Dark Phoenix. So how is it that he is perfectly fine, and alive in DOFP? They give no reason or explanation as to how this happened. Same as with his cameo in The Wolverine. He’s just magically alive again.

    In DOFP as well as in X-Men: First Class they introduce Havoc, aka Alex Summers, aka Cyclops’ brother. This movie was set back in the 60’s. So how is it that when Professor X uses Cerebro and sees a young Cyclops alive, as well as Storm, (and not that much of an age difference from Alex) is he still a teenager in The Wolverine which was set in 1985? Also in the X-Men movies from the 2000’s wouldn’t they be in their 50’s by then?

    Mystique: How is it that in the original trilogy her and Professor X don’t seem to know each other, yet in the “past” they were BFF’s? Not to mention, again, teenager in the 60’s, 30-40’s in the 2000’s. Age doesn’t match up at all.

    Sabretooth: When Wolverine meets Professor X and Sabretooth in X-Men, he doesn’t know who they are. He met Xavier, briefly, in the 60s when he told him to “fuck off”. He also spent most of the 20th century with Victor/Sabretooth. I mean they can always use that “magic memory erasing bullet” which has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. That’s so horrible even the comics didn’t use it because it was so far fetched. So even ignoring the fact that Professor X acted as if he never met him in the first X-Men movie, what is Victors excuse for not recognizing his half-brother?

    Moira MacTaggart: In X-Men the last stand (in the 2000s), she is a “38 year old Scottish doctor doing research on the mutant gene”. Now how is it that in X-Men:First Class (in the 1960s) she is a “32 year old American CIA agent”? She aged 4 years in a matter of 40+ years?

    Sentinals: If the history occurred as they say in DOFP, why are there no Sentinals in any of the X-Men movies prior to this? Did they all break down between the 60’s and DOFP?

    In X-Men: Xavier says that Magneto helped him build Cerebro, however in First Class Beast had built it before they even got there. Xavier also claimed that Magnetos helmet was made through his help with Cerebro; however in First Class, he just stole it from Kevin Bacon.

    The funniest, and probably worst continuity problem lies within Trask. If you watched DOFP you’ll remember him as the little midget who created the sentinals. My question is, how does he grow up to be a regular sized black man in X-Men: The last stand?


    Now on to the FF franchise. Out of the original (the 2000’s, not the 94) movies the things that were just flat out stupid. Sue’s freakish blue contacts. Making Galactus a giant cloud. The rest I could deal with. With the reboot.. So many places to start.

    Their “containment suit” uniforms.

    How they have changed Victor Von Doom into “Victor Domashev”. He’s not the ruler of Latveria, he’s a god damn blogger now. Could you imagine this in the comics? “CURSES! THE FF HAVE DEFEATED ME AGAIN! I MUST GO TO TUMBLR!”.

    According to reports they get their powers from the government sending them into another dimension.

    Let’s not forget the elephant in the room of Johnny and Sue being blood relatives. That was a horrible casting choice, which was obviously made to bring attention to the movie. However, this appears to be backfiring on them and bringing the wrong kind of attention. Here is a good example of what happens when these companies decide to change the source material. Daredevil, remember that movie? Remember how Michael Clarke Duncan played The Kingpin? He may have been an amazing actor, but how did that movie do again? How about which was the worst box office movie out of the Spider-man franchise? ASM2. Jamie Foxx as Electro? Yeah. I said it was going to bomb, and it did. Hard enough for Sony to not continue on with that timeline. Man of Steel, again Lawrence Fishburne may be a great actor (I still remember him from boyz in the hood.. and if you haven’t watched that old ass movie, you should.) but you changed Perry White to another race, and well.. how was the rest of that script? Made the “boyscout” a killer by the end of the movie? I get it that people want diversity, but come on now. Use other established characters instead of changing their race. That is an insult to every race if you actually think about it. It’s like “Ok we’re going to change a white character to a black character”. That just shows that they believe that black people don’t deserve to have their own characters. It’s pretty retarded. shadowhawkWhich speaking of black characters, and a bit off topic, but I would absolutely love a Shadow Hawk series. The entire story was amazing, and I think he’s like the only character that I can remember that ended up with AIDS and stayed dead. Amazing writing on that. Anyway…

    The entire casting is completely off. The exception is Kate Mara because well.. she’s a girl, and blonde. Both of which the character is known for. I still don’t think she fits the roll though. CGI thing looks like the Golgothan from Dogma (picture above).

    Fox is not interested in making great movies that make sense. They are interested in putting out garbage that could possibly make money. Ok I’m done ranting and with my quarterly bitching on here.

    Free Playstation 3 / PSN Games

    So the other day I posted something about being able to get free games on my PS3 without jailbreaking or modding it. I had a pretty big amount of people message me about it, and unfortunately I was freezing to death or I would have went into detail sooner. Instead of replying to all of the messages over and over again this is more easy for me to write once. Know now that the first time doing this will take a bit of time, so hopefully you have other things you can do between all of the backing up/restoring/etc. With this write-up I will show you how to add one game I know I can confirm works. Also I created a new user account, and a new psn account just to be on the safe side.

    You will need to download a few things. The things you will need to download are as follows:

  • IDPS Stealer by Flatz (This could be patched by Sony at any time.) This is what is used to get your hardware key.
  • A supported game. Usually ones that are on the PS Store will work. I will attach a spreadsheet a little lower with verified games/links/etc. to get them.
  • PSN PKG Decryptor & Extractor v 1.83. Basically used to extract/unzip the .pkg files.
  • MuXPorT 2.1.0
  • PSNStuff
    Things you will need that aren’t downloadable:

  • A PS3 obviously
  • A USB drive or external HD -at least- 16GB in size.
  • Time
  • You will need to open up IDPS in a dos prompt. Go to the folder, in dos, and run

    idpstealer.exe idps.bin

    What this is, is nothing more than a proxy server. From there, go into your PS and into the network connections. Set it up to use a proxy (your computers IP will show up on your computer screen once you run idps) and set the port to 1337 (default). After that go to PSN and “What’s New”. Load the PSN store from that link. You will then have your hardware key. At this point you can close idpstealer and disable the proxy from your PS3. Keep this file safe, and maybe a backup. Do not share this file ever.

    Now format the USB drive to FAT32 filesystem. Once that is done, plug it into your PS3 > System > Back up > Back up to Media. Once that is going, open up this excel sheet. That is a good place to start to see which games are compatible or, more precisely what I used it for, which games are known NOT to work.

    Open up PSNDL (or PSNStuff.. but I prefer PSNDL). Download, in this example, NBA Jam On Fire Edition. This is one that I can confirm works. Also Sonic 4, Sonic CD, Farcry 4 (from the spreadsheet direct link) and many others.. but this is just a quick guide.

    Once you have the games downloaded open up PSN PKG Decryptor & Extractor. Drag the file to the top box (where it says:

    Drag’n’Drop ( URL, PKG, ISO, EBOOT.PBP, EDAT/PGD, PTF, XPD )

    ). Hit Extract. This will create a new folder with the extracted files.

    Hopefully by this time your PS3 has finished backing everything up. Put your USB drive in your computer and navigate to the backup folder. It should start with 2015xxxxxxx or something similar. Copy that over to your C:\ or whatever drive. (I actually copied this over to another drive as well just in case I ever needed a clean backup).

    Open up MuXPorT. In the top left box you will navigate to the directory on your C:\ where you just put the backup data. Let it copy the info/etc to the temp directory. In the box below that is where the file path to your idps.bin is located. In the top right box is where the game will go. You will navigate to (again in this example I am using my file path)

    C:\Users\Krazie\Downloads\PSNDL – v0.3\[NPUB30558] – NBA Jam On Fire Edition\NPUB30558

    Usually it will be one directory above C00. You can view better in the video I attach at the bottom. It will search for the content id and create an .edat file. Once it is done, click “Add Game to list”. I have done a max of 6 games at once. Not sure what, if any, the limits are. Once you add all of the games that you want click “START!”. That will create a folder named “Complete” with a bunch of .dat files.

    Go back to your USB drive. Create a new folder. Copy those files into it. Once done, take the USB drive over to your PS3 and plug it in. Go back to System > Backup but this time click restore. The next screen you want to restore from media, and select the folder you just created. Let it go (took me around 30 minutes to restore). System will reboot. Once up, you will have the new games there.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. As a last note, I did have a bad restore once, and all it did was not install any games except what was already purchased on my original account. In easier terms, no chance of bricking or anything bad like that happening.

    Video of MuXPorT running:

    Dealextreme sucks

    dealextreme sucks

    Dealextreme sucks

    I’ve been wanting to update this stupid thing for a while, and I figure I’ll start doing that (no ulterior motive behind this.. or is there?). So anyway…

    In the first couple days of June I ordered a bunch of rechargeable batteries from dealextreme for remotes and shit that barely uses any power. It’s now 1/3/15. Exactly 7 months after I ordered it. They can’t seem to ship it, and I’ve been asking for a refund since August. They have closed out one ticket, and this one.. well I think the person replying to me is totally incompetent. When I started this ticket, I said I wanted my money back. They replied that they would “put a tracer on the item”. Keep in mind they said it was returned to them, they tried shipping it again, and was returned again and they haven’t done anything with it since then. So after they “called the post office and traced the item” they replied with the following:

    Thank you for waiting. We are sorry to inform you that your package has failed to pass the airline security check as it contains lithium batteries/knives or products that contain liquid which are now under extra scrutiny in world air cargo services. We sincerely apologize this inconvenience happened. Would you like us to refund the payment backtrack to your credit card or refund it as store credit for your future order? Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day!

    Your Sincerely,
    Angeli Liu

    I told them I don’t plan on doing any business with them in the future, and to refund me for the 15th time. So they just replied to my ticket about 40 minutes ago.

    Thank you for waiting, i am very sorry for the delayed response because i was on holiday leave. Was your problem solved until now? Please let me know. Thank you in advance.

    Your Sincerely,
    Angeli Liu

    Yep, still no refund and they want to know if my problem is solved. I’ve seen horrible customer service before, but never anything with this amount of incompetence.

    Law & Order SVU Marathon

    dec 16 0211 mariska hargitay law order svu fort lee nj 4+ Mariska danny pino dec 15I was watching the law & order SVU no more exuses marathon today while I was zoning in and out of consciousness. Something caught my attention though when they were running the ads for this. It was Joe Biden with Mariska Hargitay on the commercial.

    Normally I wouldn’t give a shit because he’s just another stupid asshole. However I found this funny considering his own son, Beau Biden, the AG for Delaware let a pedophile go because he is one of the DuPonts. In case you haven’t heard me rant about it, an heir to the du ponts received probation after raping his 3 year old daughter multiple times. Beau Biden defended Judge Jan Jurden’s decision saying that Robert Richards didn’t deserve to go to jail because he “wouldn’t fair well”. Well fuck me, I didn’t know prison was suppose to be a resort.

    It takes a special kind of asshole to go on TV and sponsor something like “no more excuses” when their own son defends people who rape their own kids. Yes kidS in plural format. He ‘allegedly’ raped his son as well. Now I won’t usually go around and call someone a rapist/pedobear piece of shit without merit, but from experience I can tell you if he’s done it once, he’ll keep doing it. People like that are sick, and people who defend him should be locked up as well.

    tl;dr Joe Biden is a pedophile supporter, Beau Biden is a pedophile supporter, and Judge Jan Jurden is a paid off pedophile supporting cunt that deserves the electric chair for letting a sick pervert out on the streets like this. What? Because someone has money that should determine what kind of jail sentence they get? Bullshit.

    This entire system needs a reboot. From the police, to the courts, to the entire government.

    New Castle County Police in Delaware are useless

    Pedophile in Newark DE

    Pedophile in Newark Delaware

    So there is this guy, pictured, who is exposing himself to kids in Newark, DE. Not only is he exposing himself, but touching himself while watching kids.

    The New Castle County Police in Delaware were called about this guy on Sunday June 8th. They were also given this picture that is posted. They did little to nothing. Then on Thursday June 12th, it happened again. This time he exposed himself and started touching himself.

    Again, the New Castle County Police were called about this guy. They were given a description of what the guy looked like. Again, the police couldn’t find him, and did little to nothing. On Friday, June 13th they finally posted the picture, and alerted the community about this sick bastard, on the New Castle County Police Department’s Page. People have asked them countless times why it took them 5 days to alert the public (From Sunday the 8th, until Friday the 13th). The police responded by deleting the comments, and banning the people from posting comments on their page. Not to one person, or two, but at least three known people. All while allowing someone on there to post threats, and say they were going to contact their “attourney”.

    The New Castle County Police dropped the ball on this one. A disgusting pedophile is going around touching himself while watching little kids play outside. The police did absolutely nothing to alert the public until this happened a second time. Shouldn’t the public be aware of some sick bastard like this? If the police had shown the picture on their page, or alerted the communities where the guy had been around, there would have been a better chance to catch him before this happened again. As I’ve stated previously the police in this state are absolutely worthless unless it involves them busting people that will bring them revenue. They are good to write reports, and issue traffic citations. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I ask that you please share this post so that it may help alert the public of such a sick creep, that needs to be locked up for a long, long, time.

    creepyI think after having a pretty damn good weekend (marketing wise) I’m going on vacation. It’s my daughters last two days of school this week, and it’s been a while. Also I will be spreading the love around to other networks this week once I turn my damn AC on and am back working at my desk and have access to all of my accounts. To anyone who has been trying to message me on Skype, I’m not ignoring you. I’m really not, I just haven’t been at my desk due to the heat. Message me on Facebook if you need to get a hold of me, or message me on my network Skype, or AIM. However, for now I’m going to take a knee.

    I really hate this state.

    Fed up

    Every day it seems like the stupidity in this state makes me want to leave more and more. Anywhere from just the people outside around here, to these stupid bastards in the “classifieds” on Facebook, or craigslist, or whatever selling shit or asking for help. All the way to this shit with the “heir to DuPont” who got away with not only raping his 3 year old daughter, but apparently molesting his son as well. Who defends the judge who said “he wouldn’t fare well in jail” and let him go? Biden. I just really don’t like being here anymore. I’m tired of it, and tired of the fucking retards in this state. This state will make anyone miserable. It’s getting worse every day. People drive like assholes here. Every time you get on the road, you have to wonder if you’re going to get into an accident. Any time you go to a store you have to worry if you’re going to get stabbed, shot, or in some cases have jiz thrown on you. Delaware sucks, and Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland aren’t any better either.

    Drunken Santa Fight