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Why I avoid all Fox comic movies


I’ve been complaining a lot about certain movies and their problems with continuity. Most of these movies are thrown out from 20th Century Fox. Their latest project, Deadpool, I have very little to no hope for. They’ve completely destroyed and bastardized the X-Men & Fantastic Four franchise, so I guess they need to move on to something else to ruin. Why do I say that they have destroyed those franchises? Well there are many reasons. I’ll start with X-men.

If you haven’t seen any of these movies, there are spoilers ahead. However, I suggest you save yourself the time and never watch these awful movies.
X-men: Days of Future Past: It’s pretty clear that this movie was set after the original X-Men trilogy. In X3 Professor X is killed by a horrible, horrible, horrible, version of Dark Phoenix. So how is it that he is perfectly fine, and alive in DOFP? They give no reason or explanation as to how this happened. Same as with his cameo in The Wolverine. He’s just magically alive again.

In DOFP as well as in X-Men: First Class they introduce Havoc, aka Alex Summers, aka Cyclops’ brother. This movie was set back in the 60’s. So how is it that when Professor X uses Cerebro and sees a young Cyclops alive, as well as Storm, (and not that much of an age difference from Alex) is he still a teenager in The Wolverine which was set in 1985? Also in the X-Men movies from the 2000’s wouldn’t they be in their 50’s by then?

Mystique: How is it that in the original trilogy her and Professor X don’t seem to know each other, yet in the “past” they were BFF’s? Not to mention, again, teenager in the 60’s, 30-40’s in the 2000’s. Age doesn’t match up at all.

Sabretooth: When Wolverine meets Professor X and Sabretooth in X-Men, he doesn’t know who they are. He met Xavier, briefly, in the 60s when he told him to “fuck off”. He also spent most of the 20th century with Victor/Sabretooth. I mean they can always use that “magic memory erasing bullet” which has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. That’s so horrible even the comics didn’t use it because it was so far fetched. So even ignoring the fact that Professor X acted as if he never met him in the first X-Men movie, what is Victors excuse for not recognizing his half-brother?

Moira MacTaggart: In X-Men the last stand (in the 2000s), she is a “38 year old Scottish doctor doing research on the mutant gene”. Now how is it that in X-Men:First Class (in the 1960s) she is a “32 year old American CIA agent”? She aged 4 years in a matter of 40+ years?

Sentinals: If the history occurred as they say in DOFP, why are there no Sentinals in any of the X-Men movies prior to this? Did they all break down between the 60’s and DOFP?

In X-Men: Xavier says that Magneto helped him build Cerebro, however in First Class Beast had built it before they even got there. Xavier also claimed that Magnetos helmet was made through his help with Cerebro; however in First Class, he just stole it from Kevin Bacon.

The funniest, and probably worst continuity problem lies within Trask. If you watched DOFP you’ll remember him as the little midget who created the sentinals. My question is, how does he grow up to be a regular sized black man in X-Men: The last stand?


Now on to the FF franchise. Out of the original (the 2000’s, not the 94) movies the things that were just flat out stupid. Sue’s freakish blue contacts. Making Galactus a giant cloud. The rest I could deal with. With the reboot.. So many places to start.

Their “containment suit” uniforms.

How they have changed Victor Von Doom into “Victor Domashev”. He’s not the ruler of Latveria, he’s a god damn blogger now. Could you imagine this in the comics? “CURSES! THE FF HAVE DEFEATED ME AGAIN! I MUST GO TO TUMBLR!”.

According to reports they get their powers from the government sending them into another dimension.

Let’s not forget the elephant in the room of Johnny and Sue being blood relatives. That was a horrible casting choice, which was obviously made to bring attention to the movie. However, this appears to be backfiring on them and bringing the wrong kind of attention. Here is a good example of what happens when these companies decide to change the source material. Daredevil, remember that movie? Remember how Michael Clarke Duncan played The Kingpin? He may have been an amazing actor, but how did that movie do again? How about which was the worst box office movie out of the Spider-man franchise? ASM2. Jamie Foxx as Electro? Yeah. I said it was going to bomb, and it did. Hard enough for Sony to not continue on with that timeline. Man of Steel, again Lawrence Fishburne may be a great actor (I still remember him from boyz in the hood.. and if you haven’t watched that old ass movie, you should.) but you changed Perry White to another race, and well.. how was the rest of that script? Made the “boyscout” a killer by the end of the movie? I get it that people want diversity, but come on now. Use other established characters instead of changing their race. That is an insult to every race if you actually think about it. It’s like “Ok we’re going to change a white character to a black character”. That just shows that they believe that black people don’t deserve to have their own characters. It’s pretty retarded. shadowhawkWhich speaking of black characters, and a bit off topic, but I would absolutely love a Shadow Hawk series. The entire story was amazing, and I think he’s like the only character that I can remember that ended up with AIDS and stayed dead. Amazing writing on that. Anyway…

The entire casting is completely off. The exception is Kate Mara because well.. she’s a girl, and blonde. Both of which the character is known for. I still don’t think she fits the roll though. CGI thing looks like the Golgothan from Dogma (picture above).

Fox is not interested in making great movies that make sense. They are interested in putting out garbage that could possibly make money. Ok I’m done ranting and with my quarterly bitching on here.