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New Castle County Police in Delaware are useless

Pedophile in Newark DE

Pedophile in Newark Delaware

So there is this guy, pictured, who is exposing himself to kids in Newark, DE. Not only is he exposing himself, but touching himself while watching kids.

The New Castle County Police in Delaware were called about this guy on Sunday June 8th. They were also given this picture that is posted. They did little to nothing. Then on Thursday June 12th, it happened again. This time he exposed himself and started touching himself.

Again, the New Castle County Police were called about this guy. They were given a description of what the guy looked like. Again, the police couldn’t find him, and did little to nothing. On Friday, June 13th they finally posted the picture, and alerted the community about this sick bastard, on the New Castle County Police Department’s Page. People have asked them countless times why it took them 5 days to alert the public (From Sunday the 8th, until Friday the 13th). The police responded by deleting the comments, and banning the people from posting comments on their page. Not to one person, or two, but at least three known people. All while allowing someone on there to post threats, and say they were going to contact their “attourney”.

The New Castle County Police dropped the ball on this one. A disgusting pedophile is going around touching himself while watching little kids play outside. The police did absolutely nothing to alert the public until this happened a second time. Shouldn’t the public be aware of some sick bastard like this? If the police had shown the picture on their page, or alerted the communities where the guy had been around, there would have been a better chance to catch him before this happened again. As I’ve stated previously the police in this state are absolutely worthless unless it involves them busting people that will bring them revenue. They are good to write reports, and issue traffic citations. Nothing more, nothing less.

I ask that you please share this post so that it may help alert the public of such a sick creep, that needs to be locked up for a long, long, time.