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Law & Order SVU Marathon

dec 16 0211 mariska hargitay law order svu fort lee nj 4+ Mariska danny pino dec 15I was watching the law & order SVU no more exuses marathon today while I was zoning in and out of consciousness. Something caught my attention though when they were running the ads for this. It was Joe Biden with Mariska Hargitay on the commercial.

Normally I wouldn’t give a shit because he’s just another stupid asshole. However I found this funny considering his own son, Beau Biden, the AG for Delaware let a pedophile go because he is one of the DuPonts. In case you haven’t heard me rant about it, an heir to the du ponts received probation after raping his 3 year old daughter multiple times. Beau Biden defended Judge Jan Jurden’s decision saying that Robert Richards didn’t deserve to go to jail because he “wouldn’t fair well”. Well fuck me, I didn’t know prison was suppose to be a resort.

It takes a special kind of asshole to go on TV and sponsor something like “no more excuses” when their own son defends people who rape their own kids. Yes kidS in plural format. He ‘allegedly’ raped his son as well. Now I won’t usually go around and call someone a rapist/pedobear piece of shit without merit, but from experience I can tell you if he’s done it once, he’ll keep doing it. People like that are sick, and people who defend him should be locked up as well.

tl;dr Joe Biden is a pedophile supporter, Beau Biden is a pedophile supporter, and Judge Jan Jurden is a paid off pedophile supporting cunt that deserves the electric chair for letting a sick pervert out on the streets like this. What? Because someone has money that should determine what kind of jail sentence they get? Bullshit.

This entire system needs a reboot. From the police, to the courts, to the entire government.