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I really hate this state.

Fed up

Every day it seems like the stupidity in this state makes me want to leave more and more. Anywhere from just the people outside around here, to these stupid bastards in the “classifieds” on Facebook, or craigslist, or whatever selling shit or asking for help. All the way to this shit with the “heir to DuPont” who got away with not only raping his 3 year old daughter, but apparently molesting his son as well. Who defends the judge who said “he wouldn’t fare well in jail” and let him go? Biden. I just really don’t like being here anymore. I’m tired of it, and tired of the fucking retards in this state. This state will make anyone miserable. It’s getting worse every day. People drive like assholes here. Every time you get on the road, you have to wonder if you’re going to get into an accident. Any time you go to a store you have to worry if you’re going to get stabbed, shot, or in some cases have jiz thrown on you. Delaware sucks, and Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland aren’t any better either.