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Free Playstation 3 / PSN Games

So the other day I posted something about being able to get free games on my PS3 without jailbreaking or modding it. I had a pretty big amount of people message me about it, and unfortunately I was freezing to death or I would have went into detail sooner. Instead of replying to all of the messages over and over again this is more easy for me to write once. Know now that the first time doing this will take a bit of time, so hopefully you have other things you can do between all of the backing up/restoring/etc. With this write-up I will show you how to add one game I know I can confirm works. Also I created a new user account, and a new psn account just to be on the safe side.

You will need to download a few things. The things you will need to download are as follows:

  • IDPS Stealer by Flatz (This could be patched by Sony at any time.) This is what is used to get your hardware key.
  • A supported game. Usually ones that are on the PS Store will work. I will attach a spreadsheet a little lower with verified games/links/etc. to get them.
  • PSN PKG Decryptor & Extractor v 1.83. Basically used to extract/unzip the .pkg files.
  • MuXPorT 2.1.0
  • PSNStuff
    Things you will need that aren’t downloadable:

  • A PS3 obviously
  • A USB drive or external HD -at least- 16GB in size.
  • Time
  • You will need to open up IDPS in a dos prompt. Go to the folder, in dos, and run

    idpstealer.exe idps.bin

    What this is, is nothing more than a proxy server. From there, go into your PS and into the network connections. Set it up to use a proxy (your computers IP will show up on your computer screen once you run idps) and set the port to 1337 (default). After that go to PSN and “What’s New”. Load the PSN store from that link. You will then have your hardware key. At this point you can close idpstealer and disable the proxy from your PS3. Keep this file safe, and maybe a backup. Do not share this file ever.

    Now format the USB drive to FAT32 filesystem. Once that is done, plug it into your PS3 > System > Back up > Back up to Media. Once that is going, open up this excel sheet. That is a good place to start to see which games are compatible or, more precisely what I used it for, which games are known NOT to work.

    Open up PSNDL (or PSNStuff.. but I prefer PSNDL). Download, in this example, NBA Jam On Fire Edition. This is one that I can confirm works. Also Sonic 4, Sonic CD, Farcry 4 (from the spreadsheet direct link) and many others.. but this is just a quick guide.

    Once you have the games downloaded open up PSN PKG Decryptor & Extractor. Drag the file to the top box (where it says:

    Drag’n’Drop ( URL, PKG, ISO, EBOOT.PBP, EDAT/PGD, PTF, XPD )

    ). Hit Extract. This will create a new folder with the extracted files.

    Hopefully by this time your PS3 has finished backing everything up. Put your USB drive in your computer and navigate to the backup folder. It should start with 2015xxxxxxx or something similar. Copy that over to your C:\ or whatever drive. (I actually copied this over to another drive as well just in case I ever needed a clean backup).

    Open up MuXPorT. In the top left box you will navigate to the directory on your C:\ where you just put the backup data. Let it copy the info/etc to the temp directory. In the box below that is where the file path to your idps.bin is located. In the top right box is where the game will go. You will navigate to (again in this example I am using my file path)

    C:\Users\Krazie\Downloads\PSNDL – v0.3\[NPUB30558] – NBA Jam On Fire Edition\NPUB30558

    Usually it will be one directory above C00. You can view better in the video I attach at the bottom. It will search for the content id and create an .edat file. Once it is done, click “Add Game to list”. I have done a max of 6 games at once. Not sure what, if any, the limits are. Once you add all of the games that you want click “START!”. That will create a folder named “Complete” with a bunch of .dat files.

    Go back to your USB drive. Create a new folder. Copy those files into it. Once done, take the USB drive over to your PS3 and plug it in. Go back to System > Backup but this time click restore. The next screen you want to restore from media, and select the folder you just created. Let it go (took me around 30 minutes to restore). System will reboot. Once up, you will have the new games there.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. As a last note, I did have a bad restore once, and all it did was not install any games except what was already purchased on my original account. In easier terms, no chance of bricking or anything bad like that happening.

    Video of MuXPorT running: